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Game-worn Autographed Air Jordan 12 FLU GAME up for Auction

Michael Jordan’s pair of autographed Air Jordan 12 Flu Games is up for auction at Grey Flannel Auctions, and I don’t just mean an autographed pair. HIS autographed pair. Yes, the ones he actually wore on June 11, 1997, in Game 5 of the

You surely know the legend by now; Michael Jordan, suffering from a bout of food poisoning that caused his trainer and doctors to recommend he sit-out the game, powered through and poured in one of the great NBA Finals performances, dropping 38 points en route to a two-point Bulls victory despite being so weak that Scottie Pippen had to literally hold him upright at one point.

What you may not know, is that Preston Truman, despite being a Jazz ballboy, was essentially MJ’s righthand man for the series, assisting him at every turn behind the scenes, and otherwise just endearing himself to the Bulls superstar. Once the game was over, Jordan rewarded Truman with the shoes he had worn — a black-and-red pair of Air Jordan 12s — even autographing them on camera, providing Truman with a sort of ersatz certificate of authenticity.

You can read the whole story on Truman and that game here at the Salt Lake Tribune’s website — it’s well worth a few minutes of your time — but moreover, you can bid on the autographed, game-worn shoes come November 18 at <hr>

My Most up-to-date Herve Leger Purchase!

Hi all! Countless person know, almost all of the blogging can be at the Lollipuff blog. Lengthy ago i finished up my hottest post.

My Christmas present to myself came a bit early this holiday season... :)Is often a hint:This is the very sexy ari.For any article, you can check it here--> Herve Leger Ari review article.

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Nike Air Max 180 Release Dates | November 2013

Sort of out of left field, we have a couple of Nike Air Max 180 release dates to announce for November. I guess that’s why they call them Quickstrikes.

Both pairs will hit retailers November 23, employing predominantly white (or off-white) coloring through the suede-and-nylon upper and starkly contrasting tones — either purple and red or blue and gold — on the collar, inner-lining, Swoosh, heel and Air-Sole border.

Impressively accurate nods to the timeless Air 180 style, both shoes drop 11/23 and retail for <hr>

Herve Leger Dresses at World Luxury Fashion Week

I’ve blogged about my outfit and the fashion week experience but the Herve Leger Dresses collection featured last night deserves its own blog post.

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Structured, sleek, slinky, shimmery dresses. Herve Leger is a genius when it comes to designing for the female silhouette and I am now lusting after every single one of these dresses.

Some of my favourite looks from the <hr>

Isabel Marant Sneakers Give Your Feet Unique Feel

about to buy new girls for come early july season? If without a doubt, you could be enquiring with the latest trend. You could get attractive design of neighborhood brands from cheaper amount but these can't be compared along with BCBGen boots and shoes, Isabel Marant Sneakers, Zinc Boots or shoes these regular brands. Mere presence of standard shoes ?nside your feet can bring remarkable improvement in the personality. The manufacturer value connected with Steven by means of Steve Madden for instance shoes continually impresses individuals. The fans appreciate final choice.

The look belonging to the Isabel Marant remains for example the new despite frequent implement. The extended life of isabel marant, BCBGen shoes and boots and Zinc sneakers compensates with the extra sum you cover these quality brands.

When you outlets shoes retailer, you commonly ask the particular salesmen in regards to the latest modern shoes. So, you offer you them possibility to promote your shoes label they prefer. Dont make this happen. Instead, before working with to shoes and boots store, visit many online sneaker stores for instance the one Envishoes. Envishoes not alone offers complete array of Isabel Marant trainers, Betsey Manley foot sports and isabel marant boots nevertheless here your rates also are competitive.

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My Warm Colored Night out Herve Leger Dresses

Here's another post to share with you many of my Herve Leger dress collection. It's much like past posts like my party hard bandage dresses and wedding appropriate Herve Leger dresses.

This time, the nice and cozy colored night out dresses are featured. Need to state that considered one of my personal favorite Herve Leger looks is sexy sultry red classic dress. The warm colors have become feminine, as well as color is quite attention seeking.

Oh, and easily for fun, there's some GIFs in the following paragraphs. They're pretty goofy, but I hope they've created you laugh like they did me. <hr>

Currently, Isabel Marant mean cool, rebellious and style

Isabel Marant Sneaker are familiar with the shoes, which work together to make leisure sports. Sneakers are mounted in athletes. The colors and styles are the same designer. Sneakers are various categories of special need. Isabel Marant are good brand worldwide.

If you want to improve quality in your lifestyle, you should just be sure to wear shoes and footwear, including casual. Isabel Marant Sneakers are located in many different versions, and you are also able to choose different styles and sizes. With the help of some strategies, it will become an easy to choose the best options. At least, you should try to look for Isabel Marant Boots that are very comfortable.

Most adult females like to find fashionable and more comfortable, wide shoes. Its important to set up that will not slip and slide in the heel or forefoot. This can protect against a lot of pain when running or outside for once at night in entertainment. At home in Isabel Marant Sneakers can make a positive change in each of your prospects in one day, as well as providing you a much healthier and stronger.

Much of your shell you day after day on your feet, additional criticism, there to protect your base by bringing more suitable and comfortable Isabel Marant Shoes from <hr>

Herve Leger Bandage Dress

I remember the time when I first discovered the Herve Leger brand. That was back in 2007 when the bandage dresses weren’t so overexposed on the red carpet. I was so smitten with the whole Spring 2008 collection, I used to browse the Herve Leger website for hours just staring at all the beautiful dresses which looked like they’ve been sprayed on the model’s impeccable body.

The white dress below used to be my absolute favorite. The crisp white color and the hourglass shape made it simply irresistible.

BB Dakota "The Rebel Dress"

This knockoff dress by BB Dakota may be only available in black and pistachio, but the straps as well as the bandage detailing are the same as on the original Herve Leger dress. The “Rebel” dress retails for $65 and if you enter coupon code TASH09 at the checkout, you’ll receive 15% OFF your entire order. <hr>

Celebrities Wear Isabel Marant Sneakers

Do you know that there are many Hollywood stars who love to wear their Isabel Marant Sneakers? They have embraced the cool, comfy, and sporty style of these types of sneakers. Sneakers are not anymore for athletic use but also for casual use and for celebrities’ fashion look. The following Hollywood stars are some who are obsessed with their Isabel marant sneakers.

Miranda Kerr was seen strolling around JFK airport wearing a pair of hot Isabel Marant hidden wedge red sneakers with her black skinnies and button-down blouse, as she carried her son. Twilight actress Dakota Fanning was looking cool as she wore her neutral Isabel Marant platform kicks to class in New York, carrying a white designer handbag.

Celeste Forever actress Rashida Jones and model Alessandra Ambrosio were also seen carrying their Celine handbags while sporting chic Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, making their casual outfits into show-stoppers. Beyonce, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff and Kate Bosworth are some of the other Hollywood celebrities who love to wear their favorite Isabel Marant Sneakers with their skinnies at <hr>
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